Acquiring a short-term residence license in Ukraine – ways to get an ukrainian girl

Acquiring a short-term residence license in Ukraine – ways to get an ukrainian girl

Term and expense to get a short-term residence license in Ukraine

Then, first of all, you should understand that a price will include an official fee, which is paid to the state, and also payment for a legal support of the procedure (if you need help in getting a residence permit in Ukraine) if you want to find out how many costs a residence permit in Ukraine (temporary).

An official component is instead hard since it includes range re re payments which should be compensated properly as well as one small error won’t allow to get yourself a residence permit in Ukraine. So an applicant pays:

  • The state income tax which include 2 minimum that is non-taxable of residents (34 UAH);
  • The fee that is administrative drafting a residence license (340 UAH);
  • The cost for administrative services on drafting a residence license (447,46 UAH);
  • Bank’s payment cost.

Exactly exactly What else is needed for the resident permit in Ukraine obtainment?

You’ll find down about charges for our lawyer’s services above. We are able to also consult You on procedure to getting the short-term residence license in Ukraine through marriage.

The expression so you can get a TRP in Ukraine begins from 10 times.

Our business will offer one to come with the procedure that is whole” to getting


A experience that is huge using the services of various jurisdictions

No reasons why you should get yourself a residence permit? We are able to assist

English-speaking migration solicitors in Kyiv

Finding a residence permit “turnkey”


Our attorneys will counsel you!

Papers to get a res Notarized interpretation of foreigner’s passport
  • Document which confirms a good explanation to getting a residence license (certificate about wedding, work license etc. )
  • Medical insurance
  • Assist on drafting documents so you can get a short-term residence license in Ukraine


    Daniel Holmes, Citizen of USA

    Essential to learn

    Papers so you can get a res We give solutions on getting a TRP by a international resident (foreigner or an individual click resources without citizenship) based on these reasons:

    • Employment of a foreigner in Ukraine (including representative workplace of the international company);
    • Wedding with citizen of Ukraine or any other relatives with citizens of Ukraine;
    • Family members by having a foreigner whom remains lawfully in Ukraine ( includes a residence license);
    • Participation in volunteer tasks during the territory of Ukraine.

    Obtaining a license relating to another good explanation is talked about individually.


    Can my short-term residence permit become permanent residence license?

    There’s absolutely no transfer that is direct. A foreigner often continues term of the TRP frequently (once each year or any other time period) whilst the explanation of their issuance continues to be legitimate. A foreigner must have a separate reason for getting a permanent residence permit which is not the similar with TRP reasons at the same time. Exception could be a married relationship with Ukrainian resident.

    A residence license for IT-workers

    Employees, who’re pertaining to technologies that are informational developing of pc computer computer software, deserve extra attention. All below kinds of foreigners get a residence license in accordance with a work license that has been released relating to various reasons. Companies tend to be Ukrainian entity that is legal.

    It might be information that is actual a few types of foreigners in this industry:

    1. People who own It businesses. In line with the legislation founders of organizations, whom pretend to just take place of a head’s business, could possibly get a residence license that is legitimate from 1 to 36 months.
    2. International coders in Ukraine ( computer software must certanly be certainly one of company’s tasks).
    3. Graduates of 100-top colleges that are foreign towards the worldwide requirements (in cases like this there has to be verified diploma about degree).

    Also foreigner IT-workers can thought we would be used in representative workplace of international IT-company in Ukraine as an option to be employed in Ukrainian entity that is legal. This option doesn’t demand getting a work license but enrollment of representative workplace is longer and much more hard, comparing into the enrollment of a business in Ukraine.

    Extension of a short-term residence license in Ukraine

    A foreigner has got to submit the documents for permit’s extension maybe maybe not later than 10 times before its expiring because extension takes the period that is same of as permit’s getting.

    The sort D visa is certainly not essential for extension of TRP. Except instances whenever 10-days term is missed or a license is got relating to another explanation. Other papers, which was in fact submitted formerly, needs to be submitted again.

    Except it, a foreigner needs to submit extra papers in some situations.

    The task to getting a residence license in Ukraine

    A Client signs an agreement with the company and pays for services after discussing final settlements on price and term. On top of that a customer arms papers to the migration attorneys in accordance with their demand.

    From then on we begin to draft all documents that are necessary. Ready papers are finalized and authorized by a customer (including a charged energy of attorney).

    The next stage is performing all actions that are needed for getting a short-term residence license in Ukraine.

    Following the State Migration provider of Ukraine adopts its decision on issuance a TRS a customer requires simply to choose all documents up that have been returned by the Migration provider at our business.

    Our business was cooperating with international businesses and residents for quite some time now and behind our arms – lots of successfully closed instances and pleased Consumers.

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