Bike Casino in Southern California Raided by Federal Detectives

Bike Casino in Southern California Raided by Federal Detectives

The Bicycle Casino is incorporating another chapter that is scandalous its notorious story. The Southern California cardroom and hotel outside of l . a . in Bell Gardens was raided by federal officials on Tuesday early morning, but law enforcement departments are staying peaceful on the details of the operation.

Governor Jerry Brown (D), left, attended the ribbon cutting of the Bicycle Casino’s hotel expansion in 2015 alongside Bike Managing General Partner and CEO Hashem Minaiy. 2 yrs later, the owners are now actually allegedly entangled in a federal financial investigation.

The raid has been carried away by the usa Department of Homeland protection, and its own Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). According to media that are local, the US Attorney’s Office, IRS, Ca Bureau of Gambling Control, and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) are also involved.

ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice stated, ‘Because the warrant is under seal, we aren’t able to comment regarding the range or nature of the investigation.’

Nevertheless, Fox 11 in l . a . says the sting is in reaction to alleged money laundering allegations at the casino. All gambling was shutdown as investigators sweep the Bike, as it’s affectionately known.

Since 1996, FinCEN has required casinos to file Currency Transaction Reports for any customer transacting $10,000 or even more in a day that is single.

Dirty Money Crackdown

While the government is not saying the prime motive for their raid of the Bike, all signs point out allegations of not properly tracking and reporting cash coming in and out of the casino. It’s not the time that is first cardroom in the Golden State has been accused of such criminality.

FinCEN in the last few years has placed a focus on making sure casinos stay glued to the deal process that is reporting stringent as banking and banking institutions.

In January of this year, Los Angeles’ Hawaiian Gardens Casino, which will be just a dozen miles from the Bike, was raided by federal authorities. FinCEN said Hawaiian Gardens failed to report large deals and suspicious activity.

And final fall, the previous owners associated with the Normandie Casino were ordered to cover $2.4 million for admittedly breaking federal financial reporting legislation. Owned by the Miller family since 1947, the Normandie ended up being sold to Larry Flynt who has since renamed it the Lucky Lady.

The Financial Action Task Force recently reported that casinos ‘have not merely increased their compliance . . while cardrooms in California continue steadily to make cash laundering headlines . but have also invest place measures that are mitigating what’s needed associated with Bank Secrecy Act.’

Bike’s Scandalous Past

The Bike offers many different games including poker and blackjack. Six years after its opening in 1984, the federal government took ownership of the casino after a jury discovered that $12 million for the property’s $22 million construction price was funded via a drug community in Florida.

Original owner Sam Gilbert was accused of funneling drug money profits stemming from a marijuana enterprise that is smuggling Florida to create the casino in California. In trade for his activity that is criminal received 60 percent ownership of the Bike.

The United States government sold its stake in the Bicycle Casino in 1996 for $25.3 million. The casino is now privately owned under the company title Bicycle Hotel & Casino LLC.

Indiana Casinos Fight to Stay Above Water, Look to State for Help

With declining revenues and fewer people gambling over the past 10 years, Indiana’s 13 gambling enterprises are dealing with times that are hard. Now they’re jointly lobbying the continuing state legislature to bail them out.

But some state lawmakers aren’t so ready to open the checkbook up and so are taking a look at ways to make the facilities more self-sufficient.

Indiana casinos are facing a serious decline in revenue as the number of gamblers has dropped dramatically in the last 10 years. These are typically asking the state legislature for assistance. (Image: Hollywood Casino/Indiana)

Current House Bill AB 1350 is making its method through the governing human body and is trying to satisfy both the businesses and also the Hoosier State’s need for tax dollars. Senate Appropriations Chairman Luke Kenley, (R-Noblesville) told The Republic that the two must look for a way to coexist.

‘we are in essence lovers with this industry whether we like it or not,’ Kenley stated. ‘we want to keep them healthy, but we want them to pay a complete large amount of taxes towards the state of Indiana.’

Facing Stark Reality

Since 2007, the true wide range of people patronizing these companies has fallen down 40 percent to 16.7 million. Not surprisingly, taxation revenue has additionally dropped in the time period that is same. It’s down 30 percent to $600 million.

۱۰ years ago the continuing state enjoyed significantly of a monopoly along with casinos located near borders, were attracting out of city customers. Now with Ohio and Michigan providing closer options, and Illinois considering a place near the Indiana line, the when ironclad grip on consumers has loosened.

Sen. Jon Ford, (R-Terre Haute) sees this because the reason that is main adjustment is going to possess to be made.

‘We’ve lost the Ohio border, we’ve lost the Michigan-Indiana border, and now Illinois is aggressively coming he said after us.

Making More with Less

AB 1350’s main supply is eliminating the $3 per-person admissions tax imposed on the state’s riverboats and replacing it by having a supplemental income tax capped at 3.5 per cent on a casino’s adjusted gross receipts. Officials state the tax is outdated and if some one is remaining at the hotel after which going into the casino, the resort is getting double taxed for a passing fancy individual.

Legislators mostly agreed upon that component, nevertheless the hold funding that is harmless was contentious. Hold harmless funding is the total amount of cash given to communities that have actually establishments inside their area.

Originally there was a call to reduce the $48 million amount doled out to urban centers and counties, but it had been put back into the Senate version and a fight has developed on whether it should stay or go. It is yet to be viewed which side will win the debate.

Wynn Resorts Sues Elaine Wynn Over Secret Copied File Stash

Wynn Resorts is suing its former co-founder and manager, Elaine Wynn, for punitive damages in the grounds that she superstitiously allowed her solicitors to copy computer difficult drives belonging to the company.

Elaine and Steve Wynn, pictured here in happier times, are engaged in a complete war that is blown of flowers over a 2010 shareholders agreement that bars Elaine from attempting to sell her almost 1 billion equity in Wynn Resorts. (Image:

It’s the latest salvo in a long-running war of the roses between Wynn and her estranged husband, Wynn Resorts CEO Steve Wynn. Elaine is seeking to regain control of her 10 percent stake in the ongoing business she formed with her ex in 2000, currently worth almost $1 billion.

As part of these final divorce or separation settlement in 2010 the couple split their stakes in Wynn Resorts evenly, while Steve, as CEO, agreed to always reelect his ex-wife to the board of directors. In return Elaine Wynn agreed to a supply that she’dn’t offer her shares without the business’s authorization.

Relations Deteriorate

The settlement was amicable, but the fight kicked off in 2012 when Wynn Resorts sued its major shareholder, the Japanese billionaire Kazuo Okada, and ousted him from the board over allegations that he bribed a Philippine video gaming regulators in order to secure a license for the project that eventually became the Okada Manila, which Wynn wasn’t involved in.

Okada coounter-sued, and sensing her moment, Elaine joined the lawsuit so that they can extricate herself from the shareholders agreement that barred her from selling her shares.

Wynn Resorts resolved she was in breach of fiduciary duties to the ongoing company and ousted her from the board.

Elaine recently petitioned the Nevada Supreme Court for whistle-blower protection in connection to allegations of securities violations by Wynn Resorts, after being declined security by the Las Vegas trial judge presiding within the case.

Covert Operations

But in the filing that is latest, Wynn Resorts claims Elaine’s allegations are based on privileged information that her former her lawyers secretly copied from private company files in 2013. They also claim lawyers produced image that is forensic of assistant’s computer.

‘ Whether Elaine and her agents covertly accessed even additional information than they copied may never ever be known,’ the company said in the filing. ‘The computers were connected to Wynn Resorts’ corporate community and Elaine didn’t supervise her attorneys.’

Elaine, meanwhile, claims she was merely after the advice of her legal team, she had not told Wynn Resorts that the information had been accessed and copied although she admitted.

‘we relied on their counsel to follow their directions,’ she stated in during a hearing week that is last. ‘ plus they wanted to image my computer, and therefore I cooperated with that request.’

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Defends Opulent Spending, But Not Everybody Is on Board

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) is defending its spending habits this week following the city’s Review-Journal (LVRJ) news site, the most circulated news source in Nevada, published a report highlighting the us government agency’s extravagant budget and expenses.

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Chairman Lawrence Weekly claims their agency’s tax-funded investing is warranted in promoting the city, many expenses look more like lavish entertainment than legitimate costs. (Image: Mark Damon/Las Vegas Information Bureau)

The LVCVA is tasked with attracting visitors towards the Mojave Desert by showcasing las vegas’s world-class activity, dining, shopping, and more. A subdivision of the State of Nevada, the authority is comprised of 14 principal officers, with six users coming through the sector that is private.

Based on disclosures that are financial by the LVRJ, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority spent nearly $700,000 on alcohol within the last three years, $85,000 on adult activity and showgirls, and thousands of dollars on concerts and programs. The news supply claims to have reviewed over 32,000 pages of receipts.

Board users of this LVCVA defended such spending that is lavish the cost it takes to attract marquee conventions and events.

Lawrence Weekly, who is a Clark County commissioner and chairs the LVCVA, explained of attempting to entice decision makers, ‘You’ve got to give something to obtain something.’

He later tweeted, ‘Vegas means business. LVCVA are doing just that . . . Performing to keep us in that #1 spot.’

LVCVA on the Defensive

Finding someone completely unfamiliar with what nevada is a task that is nearly impossible. That’s at the very least what critics of this LVCVA argue.

Casino resorts also spend millions on marketing campaigns each year, sufficient reason for Vegas’ well-known reputation, whether or not it’s positive or negative, the truth is that the city doesn’t need much explanation.

The Review-Journal found that nevada spends $3.39 per visitor on marketing, second to only St. Petersburg, Florida, which spends $3.89. St. Petersburg is no Las Vegas, however, as many are most likely clueless as to which coast of the Sunshine State the city even resides on ( it is the Gulf, FYI).

The authority says its ability to stay the country’s top trade and convention show destination warrants such wining and dining. According to Applied research, a Nevada-based economic and gaming research company, tourism created almost $60 billion for the Vegas economy in 2016.

The LVCVA also points to its award that is recent from Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). The Chicago-headquartered organization reviews state and local government financial management agencies, as well as for the 33rd consecutive year, awarded the LVCVA with a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting.

‘To continuously win these . . . is a tremendous accomplishment,’ LVCVA member Bill Noonan stated month that is last.

Tax Dollars at Enjoy

The authority is largely funded through the Clark County hotel occupancy income tax. Of the estimated $705 million the tax is anticipated to build in 2017, 33.2 percent of each dollar will get into the coffers regarding the LVCVA. That trumps perhaps the Clark County School district (13.1 percent) and Nevada general public school fund (24.3 percent.)

Last November, the Nevada State Legislature authorized a bill that advances the tax by 0.88 per cent to 12.88 percent. The enhance will be used to deliver $750 million to help build the home that is future of Las Vegas Raiders NFL franchise.

While nearly all funds are used to market Vegas and cater to possible visitors, LVCVA Chairman Weekly accepted $33,000 worth of meals and travel since 2014. Authority CEO Rossi Ralenkotter made $768,000 in salary, bonuses, and benefits in 2016, and former Mayor Oscar Goodman was paid $72,000 to appear at promotional events.


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